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Trev Alberts shows his support for Scott Frost and lays out expectations

INDIANAPOLIS – Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts has only been on the job for four days, but you knew the questions was coming.

What are Alberts thoughts on Scott Frost and the football program? What are his expectations for the 2021 season? These are all obvious questions for Alberts, and he made his answer to the question very clear.

“I can promise that you will never hear me talk about number of wins – low or high. I’m really focused on narrowing our focus,” Alberts said. “I like incremental growth and looking at the small fundamental things because ultimately those things lead to what we all want.

“It’s the fundamentals, it’s the discipline, it’s the areas of focus in the right areas that ultimately lead to being a successful football team. I think sometimes we are so focused on the outcome, that we forget that the process will be the primary driver of getting the outcome we all want.”

The other point Alberts got home on Thursday was support.

He understands his job and what he needs to do, and he’s going to give all his coaches the support they need.

“I feel strongly that the apparatus around the programs needs to be right,” Alberts said. “Coaches need to coach and recruit. I’m not suggesting that the apparatus was broken, but I’m really passionate about that the coaches have nothing to worry about. Control what they can control. Focus on the fundamentals of what it is they do. Scott Frost is the head football coach here because he knows football and he knows how to recruit. I’m going to work really hard to make sure that he’s comfortable in knowing that the apparatus around the football program is operating appropriately and he doesn’t have to worry about any of those things.”

As for Frost, the other point Alberts wanted to get across is they both want the same thing.

“I can assure you Scott Frost wants the very same thing I want,” Alberts said. “We care deeply about this institution; we care deeply about the football program. What he and I will do, Scott Frost will hold me accountable, and I’m going to hold him accountable. We are going to have the trust that we can have the difficult decisions with one another and know it’s out of love. Because we both love this place.”

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