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We Were THE WALKING DEAD: The 2017 Huskers Season In Review

The world, or even Nebraska, hasn’t devolved into a place where we have to find a way to survive in a hell overrun by zombies. But there were more than a few Saturdays in 2017 when we weren’t much happier than poor chuckknuckles stuck in that scenario.

This intro will be short and sweet. I’ve done this a few times in the past, always based on more successful seasons and usually with quotes from comedies. This is neither. It was a dark season and The Walking Dead is a dark show. For those who don’t watch, I hope you still appreciate how the quotes fit. Trust me, the humor is dark as well and after looking it over, it’s obvious the emotions are still raw. I don’t apologize.

If you are still a Riley apologist who ignores simple numbers and thought he was an improvement on Bo, feel free to rage the comments, but you’ll probably be more stress free if you move on to the next Nebraska county article.

Anyway, here are the games and here are the quotes. If you can make it through this house of horrors, I promise a happy ending. Let us begin…

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