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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: The Huskers ARE The Karate Kid

Look out Big 10 All-Valley Tournament Conference. Things will soon be very different..

So, I woke up Sunday morning a little worse for wear simply because Saturday had been wonderful and wonderful days require the follow up of a wonderful night augmented with adult beverages and, of course, celebration and discussion of the day’s events.

Late Saturday afternoon, the good times began when the media finally confirmed that Scott Frost was actually on board as Nebraska’s newest head coach. And just as a cherry on top, Georgia rewarded Gus Malzahn’s impertinence with a 28-7 thumping of Auburn in the SEC title game. (I had family members attend Georgia and grew up cheering for them. Nebraska is #1 but Georgia retains solid #1A status).

When I finally began shaking out the cobwebs around 10:15am, I flipped on the TV and realized that three amazing things were happening:

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