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Live from BugahaWest: A first half of yuck, a second half of hmm

Dear fellow Judging usker fans,

I mentioned last week that I didn’t think there was any way that I was going to be awake for the game.  With the ways things have been going in my work life (more depressing than the game mind you) I went home Saturday morning and as my beloved bride puts it,”went to bed and was out before my head hit the pillow.”

As for the game, I want to point out thefirst thing I saw was the final score and I was feeling pretty good.  Then I saw the scoring summary, 42-14 at the half.  Then I dug deeper and saw at one point it was 21-14 Oregon.  It really got me to thinking about that second quarter mostly then the second half.  What exactly happened there in that stretch where the game is close to a point where you are refilling your drink at the half and wondering if to add an extra shot of rum in order to forget the score.  So, where do I go when I have questions that are bugging me?  Well, to you my loyal readers, in particular LCH, Nish, and Boji.

I questioned these three great people and the answers I was getting for some of my questions are quite interesting, especially when I asked did Oregon let up in the second half?  The answer in a nutshell was a combination in that yes they did but went to burn the clock mode.  So, I sat thinking about that thread of thought and unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it on the bright side) I tugged on the thread and my memory banks and research went down a rabbit hole of close calls and blown leads.  So where did I go, bing of course and the question I searched was biggest blown leads of all time.  One link was for pro football reference and it had biggest blow leads of all time, in fact here is the lnk

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