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Dumping Bo Pelini is no easy task for Nebraska

“Nebraska’s defense utterly collapsed in the second half of a game the Huskers were controlling.” I don’t have that sentence saved in AutoText but I should. You saw it, I saw it, and Tommie Frazier saw it, which led to the Husker legend calling for a solution: firing the entire defensive staff. In fact, he may have even gone further than that, calling for Nebraska to “get rid of the defensive play caller, the Dc, lb dl and db coaches.”  That sounds like he might have even been calling for Bo Pelini himself to get fired. Even If Frazier didn’t call for Pelini’s firing, though, plenty among the Husker faithful wouldn’t mind a bit if that happened. Now, I love the history of college football, so when I see a situation like this arise, I look for historical precedents. Past events are not always predictive of the future but they do help us find some kind of understanding. I couldn’t find any recent instance of a head coach firing his entire staff on one side of the ball. Steve Sarkisian…

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