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Pro Big Red: Huskers in the NFL Week 9

One Husker moved within their division this week.

In the past I’ve stated that Ameer Abdullah is one of my favorite all-time Huskers. Sadly, on Tuesday he was cut by the Detroit Lions. While he’s out of a job for now, I really think, and hope, he’s going to find a team soon. The marriage with the Lions just wasn’t working out, and he needed a new scene. I think a new location will help him, and I wish him luck in finding his new team soon.

Of course the Minnesota Vikings just had to pick Abdullah up before this article got published. It screwed up the introduction, but it doesn’t matter. Abdullah will probably be the third string running back for the Vikings backing up Dalvin Cook and Latavius Murray. He should be able to get some playing time on kickoff return, but I don’t think he’ll get many carries from the backfield.


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