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Meaningless Bowl Games And Christmas Cookies

Partake! It’s the holiday season!

It’s the time of year when I go to my customer sites, and there are trays of the sweets of the season. Everywhere I look there are chocolate covered cherries, Christmas-flavored taffy, peppermint everything, and candy canes. It’s probably the same at your office.

There are Christmas cookies. Gingerbread, peanut butter, chocolate, chocolate chip – the variety is amazing!

You know how it goes. You eat a lot of this stuff during the “holiday season” and then in January; you feel guilty about how much you’ve consumed. You go on a diet to shed the weight you’ve gained. The diet lasts about two weeks, and you lose one third of the weight you should have. You “forget” to replace the batteries in your bathroom scale or accidentally throw it in the garbage and everything is all better then!

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