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Huskers Advance at Senior Nationals

CORALVILLE, Iowa – Christian Lance and Eric Schultz will represent Nebraska in the men’s freestyle consolation semifinals at Senior Nationals on Sunday after wrestling their way through the consolation bracket. 
Christian Lance (125 kg) wrestled back from a Round of 16 loss to No. 2 seed Mason Parris to a spot in Sunday’s consolation quarterfinals. In his final match of the day, the senior held Demertius Thomas scoreless in the second period to earn a 5-4 decision victory and advance. He will face No. 8 seed Daniel Chaid on Sunday. 
At 97 kg, No. 12 seed Eric Schultz pulled off an upset decision victory over No. 4 seed Ben Honis to advance to the quarterfinals of the championship bracket. Schultz fell in the quarterfinal match but went on to pick up a win in a back-and-forth 12-10 decision victory over No. 10 seed Scottie Boykin. The senior All-American is set to wrestle No. 11 seed Lucas Davidson in the consolation quarterfinals. 
Fourteen other Huskers competed in freestyle on Saturday, including six newcomers and three returning All-Americans. 
Kevon Davenport pulled off a major upset in the 65 kg consolation bracket, defeating two-time NCAA champion and No. 6 seed Devin Heil. Davenport dominated the second period, earning a 9-1 victory to advance. The redshirt freshman finished the day 3-2 overall. 
Taylor Venz (86 kg) wrestled through two rounds of the consolation bracket, ultimately falling by decision to David McFadden. The No. 12 seed earned a first-round bye, making it to the Round of 16 in the championship bracket and finished the event with an overall record of 3-2. 
Mikey Labriola, seeded No. 11 in the 86 kg division, finished the day 2-2. The junior picked up two victories in the consolation bracket before falling to No. 8 Maxwell Dean. Closing out the field of Huskers at 86 kg were freshmen Nathan Haas and Brandyn Van Tassell. Both finished 1-2 on the day, with Haas earning his victory in the Round of 32 over Kenneth Prince and Van Tassell winning his first consolation match against Kadeen Samuels. 
Wrestling at 65 kg and seeded at No. 14, Chad Red Jr. picked up four wins in the consolation bracket, but ultimately fell to No. 1 seed Joey McKenna. Jevon Parrish and Christian Miller rounded out the weight class for the Huskers, finishing 1-2 and 0-2, respectively. 
Caleb Licking was the lone Husker in the 74 kg weight class, finishing the event 2-2. The senior earned a first-round bye and advanced to the Round of 16 before falling to No. 4 seed Ryan Deakin and continuing in the consolation bracket. 
At 125 kg, juniors Landon Brown and Cale Davidson finished 1-2 and 0-2 on the day, respectively. 
Finally, freshmen Silas Allred (97 kg), Jeremiah Reno (57 kg) and Dominick Serrano (57 kg) rounded out the field of Huskers competing at the event. Reno and Serrano finished the day 2-2 and Allred went 0-2.  
Consolation matches and finals will be held Sunday starting at 10 a.m. 
USA Wrestling Senior Nationals – Men’s Freestyle
Oct. 10, 2020 
57 kg: Jeremiah Reno 
Round of 32: Dylan Ragusin (Unattached) tech. fall Jeremiah Reno, 11-0
Cons. 16 #1: Jeremiah Reno tech. fall Brandon Betancourt (TMWC/Valley RTC), 13-3
Cons. 16 #2: Jeremiah Reno tech. fall Jackson Nielsen (Nebraska Golden Eagles WC), 18-8
Cons. 8 #1: Brody Teske (Panther Wrestling Club RTC) dec. Jeremiah Reno, 23-14
57 kg: Dominick Serrano
Round of 32: Codi Russell (Blue Ridge RTC) tech. fall Dominick Serrano, 11-0
Cons. 16 #1: Dominick Serrano tech. fall Kyler Rodriguez (Unattached), 10-0
Cons. 16 #2: Dominick Serrano pinned Antonio Saldate (Unattached), 2:11
Cons. 8 #1: Jack Medley (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club-RTC) dec. Dominick Serrano, 13-6
65 kg: Kevon Davenport
Round of 32: BYE
Round of 16: Joey McKenna (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Kevon Davenport, 11-0
Cons. 32 #2: Kevon Davenport tech. fall Joey Jones (Unattached), 10-0
Cons. 16 #1: Kevon Davenport tech. fall Noah Gonser (Buies Creek Wrestling Club), 10-0
Cons. 16 #2: Kevon Davenport dec. Dean Heil (TMWC), 9-1
Cons. 8 #1: Ian Parker (Cyclone Regional Training Center C-RTC) dec. Kevon Davenport, 10-1
65 kg: Christian Miller
Round of 32: BYE
Round of 16: John Simmons (Cliff Keen WC) tech. fall Christian Miller, 18-6
Cons. 32 #2: Dayne Morton (Unattached) dec. Christian Miller, 7-1
65 kg:  Jevon Parrish
Round of 32: Matthew Kolodzik (New York Athletic Club) dec. Jevon Parrish, 8-4
Cons. 32 #1: BYE
Cons. 32 #2: Jevon Parrish tech. fall Joshua Brown (Unattached), 10-0
Cons. 16 #1: Joshua Heil (Campbell Wrestling Club) dec. Jevon Parrish, 8-0
65 kg: Chad Red Jr.
Round of 64: Ian Parker (Cyclone Regional Training Center) dec. Chad Red Jr., 6-6
Cons. 32 #1: BYE
Cons. 32 #2: Chad Red Jr. tech. fall Matt Santos, 10-0
Cons. 16 #1: Chad Red Jr. pinned Dayne Morton (Unattached), 1:00
Cons. 16 #2: Chad Red Jr. dec. Sean Fausz (TMWC/SoCal RTC), 10-7
Cons. 8 #1: Chad Red Jr. tech. fall Ethan Lizak (New York Athletic Club), 12-2
Cons. 8 #2: Joey McKenna (TMWC / Penn RTC) tech. fall Chad Red Jr., 14-4
74 kg: Caleb Licking
Round of 64: BYE
Round of 32: Caleb Licking tech. fall Zeth Dean (Unattached), 14-4
Round of 16: Ryan Deakin (TMWC/Wildcat Wrestling Club) tech. fall Caleb Licking
Cons. 16 #2: Caleb Licking tech. fall Trever Devestern (TMWC), 13-2
Cons. 8 #1: Joshua Kim (Unattached) dec. Caleb Licking, 7-7
86 kg: Mikey Labriola 
Round of 64: BYE
Round of 32: Lucas Lovvorn (Oklahoma Regional Training Center) tech. fall Mikey Labriola, 19-8
Cons. 16 #1: Mikey Labriola tech. fall Trevor Graves (Unattached), 10-0
Cons. 16 #2: Mikey Labriola tech. fall Parker Keckeisen (Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 13-2
Cons. 8 #1: Maxwell Dean (TMWC/Spartan Combat WC) tech. fall Mikey Labriola, 11-0
86 kg: Nathan Haas
Round of 64: BYE
Round of 32: Nathan Haas dec. Kenneth Prince (Nebraska Golden Eagles WC), 9-3
Round of 16: Gabe Dean (TMWC/Spartan Combat WC) pinned Nathan Haas, 1:00
Cons. 16 #2: Hunter Bolen (TMWC / SERTC) tech. fall Nathan Haas, 11-0
86 kg: Brandyn Van Tassell
Round of 64: BYE
Round of 32: Maxwell Dean (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Brandyn Van Tassell, 12-2
Cons. 32 #2: Brandyn Van Tassell tech. fall Kadeen Samuels (New York Athletic Club), 10-0
Cons. 16 #1: Ryan Epps (Unattached) dec. Brandyn Van Tassell, 6-3
86 kg: Taylor Venz
Round of 64: BYE
Round of 32: Taylor Venz dec. Antonio Andrade (Unattached), 9-6
Round of 16: Drew Foster (Panther Wrestling Club RTC) tech. fall Taylor Venz, 11-0
Cons. 16 #2: Taylor Venz dec. L Tarantino (Unattached), injury default
Cons. 8 #1: Taylor Venz tech. fall Austin Kraisser (Buies Creek WC), 16-6
Cons. 8 #2: David McFadden (TMWC / Penn RTC) dec. Taylor Venz, 16-8
97 kg: Silas Allred
Round of 32: Scottie Boykin (Titan Mercury WC) tech. fall Silas Allred, 14-3
Cons. 16 #1: BYE
Cons. 16 #2: Nick Reenan (TMWC/Wolfpack RTC) dec. Silas Allred, 20-14
97 kg: Eric Schultz
Round of 32: BYE
Round of 16: Eric Schultz dec. Ben Honis (Titan Mercury WC), 10-6
Quarterfinals: Kyven Gadson (Sunkist Kids WC) pinned Eric Schultz, 2:11
Cons. 8 #2: Eric Schultz dec. Scottie Boykin (TMWC / Spartan Combat WC), 12-10
125 kg: Landon Brown 
Round of 32: Demertius Thomas (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) pinned Landon Brown, 1:37
Cons. 16 #2: Landon Brown dec. Benjamin Goldin (Pennsylvania RTC), 4-0
Cons. 8 #1: Mauro Correnti (New York Athletic Club) dec. Landon Brown, 4-0
125 kg: Cale Davidson
Round of 32: Derek White (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Cale Davidson, 4-2
Cons. 16 #2: Zach Elam (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) dec. Cale Davidson, 8-4
125 kg: Christian Lance
Round of 32: BYE
Round of 16: Mason Parris (Cliff Keen Wrestling Club) def. Christian Lance, 9-4
Cons. 8 #1: Christian Lance dec. Zach Elam (Tiger Style Wrestling Club), 5-3
Cons. 8 #2: Christian Lance dec. Demertius Thomas (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 5-4

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