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Frosted Flakes: College Football Playoff Is A Mess

Late, but still good for you

[Stuff was blowing up by 7am this morning, so I’m a bit late with this. Dadgummit.]

I know that the Scott Frost news is exciting as hell, but there’s a whole rest of the world going on out there. I’m going to handle that part. We have a staff here at CN. And a long offseason to talk about that new guy, Scott Frost. As for me, part of my place is informing you on the rest of the nation, so you not get so xenophobic when it comes to other schools and conferences.

On Friday I wrote that the best thing possible for the College Football Playoff would be that the top four teams won. In particular, I was worried about Wisconsin. If you read that article, I lamented that if Wisconsin lost, two SEC teams would get in, leaving the Big Ten conference out of the playoff.

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