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The Husker Football “Why Wait?” Edition: Who’s on the 2018 Nebraska QB Depth Chart?

Let’s face it – Tanner Lee and a Scott Frost offense mix about as well as Tommy Armstrong and a Mike R-……oh, never mind.

Scott Frost has been the Husker Head Coach for five days now, so the honeymoon period is over and it’s time to start getting right to it. We’ve got a dynamic new offense coming to Lincoln and the scholarship quarterbacks remaining on the roster were recruited by Mike Riley to run a scheme that required, let us say, a slightly less mobile class of athlete.

(Of course, I’m just kidding about the honeymoon being over. By God, we are going to the Bahamas for a month, then taking a tour of Europe’s pubs and castles together. Or whatever else is a metaphor for a really long honeymoon.)

Anyway, it’s time to start thinking about who will captain the new offense. If you’ve watched McKenzie Milton drive that Maserati of an offense at CFU, then of course you’re desperate to have some fast, crazy bastard with a whip arm running wild and slinging it deep with a scarlet “N” on his cream helmet.

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