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Purdue Boilermakers 2018 Football Preview

Jeff Brohm’s Boilermakers won 4 Big Ten games last season; that’s one more than his predecessor did in three seasons. But can he build on this with a defense in rebuilding mode?

Being relative newcomers to this thing called the Big Ten, Husker fans only have limited knowledge of the background of the various teams in the conference. For example, Ohio State is arrogant, Michigan is pompous (and still delusional about what would happen in a matchup with 1997 Nebraska), Penn State was out of bounds and trapped the ball in 1982, Wisconsin likes to jump around and drink massive quantities of beer, Iowa is a pesky mosquito and Purdue is, well, Purdon’t.

Over the last ten years, Purdue football has been mostly awful, though occasionally bubbling up to almost sort-of mediocre. Darrell Hazell only won three conference games from 2013 through 2016, representing the bottom of the pit of despair. (The only thing worse than Purdue football was getting trucked by expletive-deleted Purdue for one of those wins. Riiiiiight, Mike Riley?)

But after jettisoning Hazell in 2016, Purdue athletic director Mike Bobinski did his homework and sought out one of the exciting young coaches in college football. And at least for the first season, proved just how important good coaching is for a football program.

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