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Northwestern vs. Nebraska: The Morning After

A culmination of frustration all in one single game.

Throughout the years there have been times when my parents would take us to Mass during a Nebraska football game. I believe it was a way to reinforce to us what matters. I still remember listening to the Matt Davison catch on the way home from church in 1997, and my mom yelling in the car. It is still a great memory.

Last night my wife and I decided to go to Mass during the Northwestern game. I went into St. Patrick’s knowing that Nebraska had a seven point lead at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Greg Sharpe just mentioned that Northwestern was 0-8 on third down. So I had subdued confidence that Nebraska would win.

Our kids slept through the entire service, for the first time in four years (the oldest is 4). So as any parent who has taken small children to church or any other event, know that sometimes you don’t get to enjoy being there. Last night we did. It was relaxing.

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