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New Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos Meets the Media

Our new athletic director has arrived! It’s Bill Moos and he’s completely different from the previous guy.

Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Ronnie Green introduced former Washington State athletic director Bill Moos as the Huskers new athletic director at a press conference. The process to replace Shawn Eichorst as athletic director utilized both Turnkey Sports and Entertainment, a search firm, and a twenty-member group of current and former athletes, coaches, administrators and boosters. The group was assembled to identify key traits and characteristics of the ideal Nebraska athletic director, and included former Heisman Trophy winner Eric Crouch, Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs, volleyball coach John Cook and Tom Osborne.

Moos wanted to start by saying where he interviewed with Nebraska, but Green stopped him. Clearly, it wasn’t on campus; it sounds like Sunday might have been Moos’ first time to Nebraska in some time.

In his opening remarks, Moos said that when people are looking at a new position, they are either running away from something or running to something. He’s “running to” Lincoln. However, reports out of Pullman indicate that there was friction between Moos and the school president. The Cougars athletic department was $13 million in debt at the end of the 2015 fiscal year, thanks to difficulties the Pac-12 Network has had in meeting it’s goals.

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