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Nebraska Recruiting: Speedster RB Rahmir Johnson is N!

Staff Brings Some Turnpike Speed to the Midwest

Let me tell you a story about New Jersey. My nephew and I were driving from Pontiac Michigan to Englishtown NJ to help me brother with his 55 Chevy drag car. We were late. We were also in a 71 Mustang built to road race, that had about five Ford parts left on it, the rest were all specially fabricated racing parts. So we were getting down the road. When we hit the New Jersey Turnpike, it was rush hour. Let me tell you, they RUSH during rush hour. My nephew and I looked at each other, and he shrugged and said “It’s only jail, my mom will bail us out.” So we hooked up with a couple of cars, and just flew. Of course, the road was so rough that the extremely low car was bottoming out and throwing sparks all over continuously. When I looked down at the tach I noted the engine was running at a steady 4000rpm. Later, I calculated our speed at 133 miles per hour. In traffic. On the New Jersey Turnpike. For like an hour.

COMMITED❗️❗️❗️#Go huskers @CoachRHeld @coach_frost

— Rahmir Johnson⚡️ (@rahmir_johnson) May 5, 2018

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