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Nebraska Football: Huskers Humbled By Minnesota – Photos

Photos the 2017 Minnesota Nebraska game…

I got the chance to put on a photo vest and shoot the game this past Saturday. Brent Fields and I both shot the game and if you’d like visual evidence, you can see his shot of Stanley Morgan at #13, with me in the frame trying to figure out if I needed to get out of the way.I enjoyed it immensely. I need to take the opportunity to do this many more times in my life.

You get a different feel for a game when you’re down on the field. It can be hard to get a feel for what’s going on regarding why your team is playing so poorly when you’re looking through a camera lens. On the other hand, if you walk by the bench and they are doing their best impression of the Walking Dead, you don’t have to wonder too much about why they’re getting run over.

I spoke with a Minnesota Event person just before the game started. He’d been on that field a lot, for a lot of Minnesota Gophers and Minnesota Vikings games. The Gophers have not been a good team this year. He said he expected a loss. I told him that Minnesota would be able to run all over Nebraska’s defense, because “they are lost, and they don’t know what they’re doing”.

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