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Nebraska County Countdown: 79 – Hayes County, A Flying Metal Rod And The Hot, Hot Sun

What I remember about Hayes County.

Hayes County has only one real town, and that is the county seat, Hayes Center. Hamlet is listed as another town, but I’m not sure it exists anymore. Palisade is partially in the county as well. Is it real? I don’t know.

Hayes Center is the only town I remember. I grew up next door in Frontier County. We played basketball and ran track against Hayes Center when I was in high school at Medicine Valley in Curtis. We used to ride the bus to Hayes Center over a dirt road. There was only one paved road into Hayes Center at the time. We’d joke that the only people who lived there were those who drove into town but were too stupid to figure out how to drive back out again.

That’s what you do when you’re from the middle of nowhere – you find an even more middle of nowhere to make fun of.

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