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Nebraska County Countdown 73: Gosper County & the Ballad of Robert DeFruiter

Welcome to Gosper County! Smack dab in between Frontier and Phelps counties and right in the heart of south central Nebraska. Let me tell you folks, we have a lot in store for you today.

The county is named after John J. Gosper who was the Secretary of State of Nebraska from 1873 to 1875. A veteran of the American Civil War from Illinois and Ohio, Bob fought for the United States in their win over the southern rebellion. During which he lost his left leg in battle. After the war he came back to Illinois before heading west. John spent roughly 5 years in the state before leaving for the Arizona Territory. I guess that’s enough time to warrant a county being named after you.

Gosper county is blessed to have not one but TWO towns in it’s boarders. Well, they are both technically villages in the eyes of the Nebraska state government. What is a village you ask? How is it different than a town or city? I can’t believe that we have made it this far in our county countdown and no one has brought this up.

So, what constitutes a village? According to State Statute Chapter 17 Section 201:

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