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Nebraska County Countdown 24: Cuming County

Visit the John G Niehardt Center and remember Lloyd Cardwell and Bill Kosch

Welcome to beef country! Cuming County is generally one of, if not the, top cattle producing county in the nation.

The county was formed in 1855 and named after Thomas Cuming, a territorial governor. The population was 9,139 in 2010 and the county seat is West Point. Other towns include Beemer, Wisner, and Bancroft.

Cuming County is home to the John G. Niehardt State Historical Center. Niehardt was born in 1881 and moved to Nebraska at age 11. He graduated from Wayne Normal College at 16, was a published writer by age 19, and Nebraska’s poet laureate at age 40. He was also a literary editor in St. Louis, and a lecturer and poet-in-residence at the University of Missouri but returned to Nebraska in his 80’s. His most famous work is “Black Elk Speaks”, a narration of the visions of the Lakota medicine man. You may (or may not) remember the Antelope County article which included the grave of White Buffalo Girl, who was Black Elk’s toddler daughter. Niehardt died in 1973 at age 92.

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