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Nebraska County Countdown: #21 Scotts Bluff

Three weeks away

Today marks three weeks until kickoff. If it was three weeks from now, I’d be typing this around the end of the second quarter, sorry I’m so late getting this one to you guys. Today, we’re looking at Scotts Bluff County. It’s going to be a little tricky because Scottsbluff is in Scotts Bluff County, but we’ll make it work.

Scotts Bluff County is located in the panhandle of Nebraska on the western edge. As of the 2010 national census Scotts Bluff had a population of 36,970 which kind of surprises me. I really need to go out to Western Nebraska on a road-trip like my roommates did this past spring. Problem is they’re too cheap to get a hotel every night so I’m sure the car smelled great.

The county seat of Scotts Bluff is Gering and the largest city is Scottsbluff, which is confusing I know.

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