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My 2017 Nebraska Football Prediction: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Last week, I was asked my thoughts about how the Huskers would do this football season, and frankly, I don’t really know.  I actually have a wide range of thoughts, starting at 10-2 (Woohoo! Big Ten West champions, baby) and working my way down.

Way down.

All the way to “Mike Riley’s heading back to Corvallis at Christmas time and not coming back” down.

Why am I so uncertain?  Only nine returning starters, once you cross cornerback Chris Jones off the list  with his knee injury. A new defensive scheme.  And perhaps most importantly, new unproven offensive skill players on offense.

I like the hire of Bob Diaco as defensive coordinator, so I feel OK that could work out in the long term. But truth be told, if Riley felt the need to replace a coordinator this offseason, I wouldn’t have given Mark Banker a pink slip last January.  I would have gone to the other side of the ball.

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