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Live from BugahaWest: When football is put in its proper place

Dear Fellow Husker Fans,

I have to say neither did I watch or listen to the game this past weekend.  Here’s the story.

The beloved bride and I were out running errands with the express thought that we would get home mid-second quarter or so.  I was having my cellphone update me play by play via yahoo sports app.  Things were going well and I was excited to fire up my laptop and listen to the game.  Fired up moment came to a end quite quickly.  Phone rings and its my mom and dad.  My aunt passed away following a long battle with cancer. 

There are times in my life where I say it to folks, “I hate it when I’m right.”  When we were told about my aunt’s cancer earlier in the year the mistake I made was look it up online.  I spent 15 minutes reading up on the cancer type and my one thought and I made the mistake of voicing it out loud to my bride that she’s going to be in a better place before Christmas  (my apologies to the atheists in the world, but I do believe in God and the Lord Jesus Christ). 

This past week was a murder on my emotions as we were given news about her condition as she continued to worsen.  There was my cousin and his wife racing halfway across the country from N. Cali to CB, IA  (with a detour through Wyo to avoid the Colorado floods).  I was thinking long and hard that the end would come Sunday (that way I could spend two days grieving and getting back to work mode)  Little did I know it would happen a day before my last night of work for the week  (I did call the job and they gave me a three day weekend). 

Football all weekend was pretty much the last thing on my mind.  Fact is, the only game I watched all weekend was the Niner-Titan game Sunday night.  For most of the game I was texting back and forth with family in Big Red country.  In fact today finally I got to the point where I checked a scoring summary for the NU game ( I knew the final score late Saturday but not much else). 

So, in place of giving out game balls, points of interest, and talk of qb controversy, instead all I ask is for prayers for myself and my family.  For my dad who lost his only sibling.  For my cousins who have now had both their parents pass.   For my wife and boys who barely knew her and their worry (as my youngest put it) “Dad, are you ok.”

Thank you, God bless, and Go Big Red.


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