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Live from BugahaWest: Well, the Sun did Rise Sunday

Dear Fellow Husker fans,

Well, as the title of this week blog says, the sun still came up Sunday.  This was a saying my dad would tell me after Husker losses when I was a in junior high and high school.  During those days my dad and I didn’t see eye to eye on everything, you know, me being the know it all teenager and he being the wise dad that I thought didn’t know what he was talking about.  I was thinking about discussing the game a bit this week, but why bring up bad memories.  I think sometimes as a writer you need to see how your target audience is feeling and instead of opening 48 hour wounds the writer should want to try and bring a smile to his readers’ faces.  So today, I am going to do a bit of a history lesson disguised as story telling.

I’ll be honest I was having a bit of writer’s block, but after a couple cups of coffee and trying to get ideas I decided to tell the story of a couple of pictures I have in My Stuff here.  If you go to my page and then pictures you will see 6 pictures take from inside of Memorial Stadium.  I was in chat with a few guys this morning and one, Nish, asked me what is the story behind those pictures.  Well, my friend, here’s the story.

It was March of 2010 and since my boys had spring break and I had the week off from my job the wife and I decided to surprise the family back in Nebraska.  It was for a good cause because at the time, a new member of the Husker family, my nephew, was 2 weeks old.  Anyways, we take the 1500 mile road trip back to Nebraska to see the family.  Side note, this being 2010 we did a side trip to see my great-grandma who at the time was 104 years old (yes, she was alive when the Cubs won the World Series in 1908, unfortunately she passed in 2012).  Anyways, after seeing my great-grandma and other family that lived in the middle of the great state of Nebraska, we finally made it to Omaha to surprise my parents and siblings.  My oldest son spent the week with my sister, her husband, and the new baby.  Anyways, my wife and I decided to take our youngest to Lincoln to Morrill Hall (right by the stadium).  We did ask if the oldest wanted to go, but he wasn’t interested in seeing old bones.  Our youngest, who as of right now wants to be a park ranger, is into all things dinosaurs and wildlife so he was thrilled to go.  After visiting the museum for a couple of hours, my son and I wanted to walk around the stadium.  We get in the car and drive to the north side and start our walk around (the wife relaxed in the car).  As we go around, I take a few pictures of the practice field and what I could see of the field through the fence in the corners.  A few pictures of the kid by the statute on the East Side and the Osborne Statue on the North side and I figured we might be done. 

Almost, because at that moment I seen a door was open on the northwest corner.  They were working on the whole visitor section there (with the jerseys, National title trophies, etc.)  The kid and I walked in to look around.  I took pictures of him with the trophies, a couple jerseys, and by the weight room.  At that moment I see a lady by a desk and I decide to put on the old charm.  I told her we were Husker fans from Arizona and if there was anywhere I could take my son to see the field.  She asked us our names and then says to follow her, we are her family from AZ.  What does she do?  Well, my son gets to stand on the carpet the team walks on for the Tunnel Walk, he gets to run on the field, see the spot where Alex H. kicks his 57 yard field go from, and he gets to stand in the endzone.  It was a 15-20 minutes of pure joy to see him soak in all the sights. 

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