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Live from BugahaWest: Volume 100 and a Frost Warning

Dear Fellow Husker fans,

I started this whole deal of blogging in June of 2008.  Back in those days the new hire was Bo Pelini and the debate was between Pelini and former Nebraska QB turned coach Turner Gill.  Who knew all these years later with a long hiatus that #1we 00 would be discussing another new head coach. So Scott Frost is our new head coach and from what I have read and heard so far a new beginning to a better future is on the horizon.  On that note we all have to slow down just a second.  This is the announcement only and just the start to what is hopefully a long, successful marathon.  It’s a interesting deal that Moos’ deal is 5 years and Frost’s is for 7 years.  These point to one thing and one thing only: Patience for the long haul is a necessity.  Nobody can tell the future but I want to give it a try using something I used in the past:  The good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Ugly:  Frost rebuilds/reloads and things are on the uptick and yet for some unforseen reason Nebraska can’t get over the hump and reach a Big 10 title game.  Nebraska is playing 60% ball but something still isn’t right.  Does Frost re-up or leave is the question. 

Bad:  Frost rebuilds and in a few years has the team a regular contender in the West.  There is a conference title but due to early season losses a play-off bid isn’t in the cards.

Good:  National title.and national prominence is back.

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