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Live from BugahaWest: The end of the year/era and what ‘s next (vol 99)

Dear fellow Husker fans,

Sorry it’s been awhile but the last couple of weeks in my real world has made time to write tough. Granted the product on the field was never anything anybody would want to write home about. It is interesting the feelings or lack there of that I had over the past few weeks in terms of football. I felt nothing, not anger, not sadness, not hurt, nothing. In my lifetime of sports fandom I never experienced something like that in regards to keeping an eye on my favorite teams. 

So the team came out flat and we all knew it was a matter of when in regards to the Riley firing.  The bad thing is I don’t think as a fan base we have seen rock bottom.  No matter who the new head coach is the fanbase as whole needs to realize one big fact: next year’s schedule is going to be a bigger beast to overcome.  This turn around will not be a quick one.  The next head coach needs the fanbase to be patient.  If there comes grumblings again if things aren’t going well the fact of the matter is come 2020 or 2021 we’ll be in the same boat. 

I personally haven’t experienced something like this in all my years of college football.  Yeah, Callahan and Pelini were fired, but myself personally thought the team was still capable of having a good showing.  The last three weeks were far from that and that more than anything is upsetting.  Kent Pavelka years ago in a pre-game speech said Nebraska symbolized a few things and a big one was hard work.  I hate to say it, but it looked like this team quit. 

As for the present, I don’t know.  I am interested in how all these schools that switched coaches do with this early signing day.  UCLA has their guy and A&M is working on a guy.  Tennessee had to back off of Schiano and Florida is hitting the ground running.  Now, if everyone’s magic ball is right and Nebraska is getting Frost, well, the announcement is still a week away.  If that is the case we are looking at a Dec.4th announcement. In that situation it makes things close with the early signing day being Dec. 20th.  All the schools making changes are going to be the first experiment in how to rebuild a recruiting class quicker than usual.

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