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Live from BugahaWest: SDSU and Bye Week “controversy”

Dear Friends in Husker Red,

I waited till the last minute this time around due to real life kicking my butt and in a way it helped.  I was also doing a wait and see on the QB dealings.  So, let’s get rolling and talk SDSU and the bye week.

I know people look at the end of the 1st quarter and SDSU leading.  They also look at the Zenner kid practically winning the Harlon Hill trophy against the Blackshirts.  What they also saw was a win which counts the most.  A few points to get to then give the game ball.

1,  Yes Zenner kicked some butt and yes North Dakota shut him down bad.  But there is something else to add.  These young Blackshirts are learning on the run.  ND’s D is loaded with upperclassmen (therefore have seen Zenner before) and ND also has been  playing winning football in Div 2.

2.  Div 2 schools have been stepping up since App St miracle in the Big House.  Also, let’s not forget this.  There have been schools that their teams were paid to come in and be taken to the woodshed and the team said no, we’re going to win.  I rather be one of the schools that beat the paid to be beat school.

3.  Game Ball: I have 3 again.  1 and 1A go to AA and IC.  The two-headed monster in the backfield had 25 carries for 199 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Is anybody else being reminded of the the we-backs (Calvin Jones, Derek Brown)?  The next game ball goes to Randy Gregory for his awesome pick-6. 

And now the bye week.  I know many were wondering about the QB situation.  The next few games are Ill, at Purdue, and at Minne.  Also in there is another bye week so the month of October while challenging isn’t murder’s row.  I know there are people that want NU to fail so bad that Bo Pelini is joining Lane Kiffin in the unemployment line.  In my book their opinion doesn’t matter.  The rest of Husker Nation I think the QB situation depends on where NU is at in your mind.  If this is a “rebuild” style of year I think the QB of choice is Tommy Armstrong.  If you are of the mindset this team with a defensive turnaround has a chance for Indy I think Taylor has to be under center.  However, there is another wrench in this and I mentioned it earlier, the schedule.  Do you think the next 3 games are winnable with Armstrong or RK3 at the helm?  I think with the Martinez injury you have to let him rest and get healthy.  In fact if NU is making mass improvement and playing well I think the QB controversy can wait until the end of this month.  What do you think?

Well, time for the Illini.  God bless and Go Big Red.


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