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Live from BugahaWest: I took a week off for early trick or treat. Got tricked Saturday. (Blog volume #98)

Dear fellow Husker fans,

These are interesting times we are in as Husker fans. I’m going to try not to ramble today but the following thoughts have been nagging at me for a few days so I think I better get them out and get your ideas.

1. On FB pages I like I have seen what I perceive as people openly hoping for failure so that the only thing that can happen is Riley get fired. Now realize this is college football, not the NFL. In the NFL you can overpay for free agent players, not in college. College ball you have to get a new head coach, rebuild a recruiting class that remember we have the joys of a early signing day in Dec along with the Feb signing day, and the n the big elephant in the room, next year’s schedule. I hate to say it, but with or without Riley, the next 12-14 months are going to have more pain than cheers. And yet, I point this out and already I see it in the replies. If Nebraska gets Frost everything will be fine. Really? Are you willing to take sub- .600 football because Frost is the coach. That wasn’t acceptable from Pelini or Riley. What is the difference besides the fact that for those folks they got their favorite son.

2. Wishing for failure on the net is downright cruel to the players. These young men are not millionaire players in the NFL. They are on scholarship yes, but for 99% of them, after their senior year this is it. Why hope for failure for these young men? I am a Niner fan as well as a Nebraska fan. Yes, I want my teams to win, but in terms of the Niners, if/when they lose there is the bright spot in being a step closer to the top pick in the draft. Which brings me to the last point.

3. I have read people are looking for quick fixes, but sadly those are few and far in between. Alabama of all places went through 4 coaches in 10 years looking for the quick fix guy. Oklahoma was in turmoil for years after Switzer was fired then they brought on Stoops who started to fail at winning the Big One. For all the talk about Florida, really their saviors have been Spurrior and Meyer. Harbaugh is on the hot seat at Ohio St (especially after the Iowa game) for not winning recently. Heck, even with Nebraska, you can say that as a program/fanbase we have been looking for that quick fix ever since Solich was fired and with all the angst, there has been no success. What have Calahan, Pelini, and Riley given us to cheer for. A supposed big win over A&M, huge losses in championship games broadcast for the world to see, and a comeback win over Ohio State. Believe me, I want nothing more than this thing to get turned around for the better. But, in that regard, I also am hanging my hat and letting folks that are smarter than me make the choices. Funny thing is no matter what happens, there will be folks who agree and others that are detractors. Another thing, no matter what happens, there are going to be fans that will be National Title or bust. Here’s another way college ball imitates real life: You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk then learn to run. Just food for thought.

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