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Live form BugahaWest: Let’s see where this one goes

Dear fellow Husker fans,

This past Saturday reminded me of the fun Saturdays that myself and a group of my friends had in college. The chat was rocking for the game and to enjoy a game with fellow Husker fans and football fans in general was a great way to enjoy a game.  So, since I want to keep this kind of short, time for a quick story.

As I mentioned earlier, this game reminded me of college football Saturdays at the University of Nebraska-Kearney.  My college roommate and best friend would start the day practically the same way.  After a quick breakfast and a race to Subway for 3 sandwiches, the rest of the day was football, whether it be on tv, radio, internet radio, or outside our dorm window.  Yeah, we lucked out and our dorm room looked out over the south end zone of the football field.  The rest of our dorm hall was loaded with football fans.  We would watch games in our room, in the dayroom, and there rarely went 15 minutes where someone would drop by to talk about a game they were watching and just all of us talking college football. Yes, many of us were diehard Nebraska fans, but there were quite a few of us that just enjoyed college football.  This past Saturday watching the game with you guys reminded me of those days, even if I had to bail early and go to work.

As for the game, that was the most complete game I have seen the Big Red play in a few years.  I think this defense is getting it so hopefully they can learn and grow this weekend.  Offensively, the injuries worry me but maybe, just maybe the running game and the oline will play great ball again.  It’s something I wrote years ago, this next two weeks, you just have to believe.  If you don’t believe our beloved Big Red have a chance, why watch the game?  I would love to chat with you guys next week after a win and I believe it can happen. 

Before I close, just a quick note of well wishes for any and all that have family/friends in Vegas.  I seen my friend Nish has been on so hopefully being with us Husker fans is a pleasant diversion for him.  Until ext week, God bless and Go Big Red.

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