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Frosted Flakes: Yanny or Laurel?

We bring you news about broken arms, a Husker gymnast, former volleyball players and robo-flies. Also, what would you pay to break up with someone?

I survived graduation weekend. I started to tear up at one point during the ceremony, but managed to hold back the deluge.

Of course, the youngest ranchhand had to get in on the excitement and broke his arm the night before his brother’s graduation. Ranchdude and I were at the emergency room with him until 2 am. Fortunately, no cast is required, but baseball season lasted all of two practices for the poor kid.

He was an absolute trooper and took care of his own pain medication and managed to avoid further injuries in a house that had 23 occupants overnight. The funniest part of all of it was when my mom called and asked if she could bring anything. I requested that she check dad’s closet and bring any button-down shirts that were on the small side.

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