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Frosted Flakes: Around the Big Ten – Who Sucked, Who Didn’t

Is anyone close to Ohio State? Anyone?

I’ve tried to watch a fair amount of football over the first two weekends in order to get a handle on what Big Ten football might offer this season. Week one was decent enough, but week two across the conference was generally a big ball of suck. Northwestern lost to Duke, Nebraska to Colorado, Michigan State to Arizona State, and Purdue lost to Eastern Michigan.

First impression so far – Ohio State hasn’t been phased a bit by the Urban Meyer suspension, which has completely died down now that real football has started. Both Buckeye games so far have been ridiculous, with Ohio State scoring 77 against Oregon State and 52 against Rutgers. TCU might represent more of a challenge this weekend, but I sincerely doubt it. Dwayne Haskins looks like the quarterback who can take them to the playoff.

The Illinois team everyone picked as the worst in the conference is now 2-0. The wins might have been over bad teams Kent State and Western Illinois, but they count towards bowl eligibility and that’s a lot better than Purdue is doing right now. The Boilers are 0-2, and one might expect them to be 0-4 in a couple weeks with Missouri and Boston College coming up next.

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