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Friday Frosted Flakes: The Tunnel Walk, a Chili Recipe and a Mini Book Review

Does anybody have the answer to the tunnel walk conundrum?

Is the tunnel walk a goner? It may appear to be so.

I’ll probably have a say in that. I don’t think we’ve decided yet what’s going to happen. I think the Tunnel Walk is a great tradition. It’s been around since I was in school, so it’s pretty special when the team comes out of the tunnel,” Frost said. “There’s talk about changing it occasionally and seeing if there’s a special theme for the game, if we can match it to that. There’s talk of keeping it the same, and there’s talk of having a fresh new one every time we come out for a game. So I don’t know if a decision has been made on that.”

Brian Christopherson’s article on Scott Frost’s comments regarding the Tunnel Walk during his hour on “Sports Nightly” pointed to possible changes to the Tunnel Walk.

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