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Five Heart Podcast Episode 88: Reviewing Nebraska’s Loss to Troy

)-2. That sucks. Let’s try to make the best of a bad situation. But it’ll take some time for us to get to that point.

Ouch. That one stung. No one (probably not even most Troy fans) foresaw the Trojans coming into Memorial Stadium and leaving with a 24-19 win. And it was eerily similar to the loss to Colorado in that the Huskers could not get out of their own way. Turnovers, penalties, play calling all doomed Nebraska in their final game of the non-conference schedule.

Hoss and Hooch are here to provide some game analysis and really try to keep you in a positive mindframe. We’re reminded of this information from our friend #PattheStat:

Against its first two FBS opponents in 2016, UCF lost by a combined 43 points. I’m not panicking yet. #LongHaul #GBR

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