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Enough is Enough. Shawn Eichorst is the First to Go.

Nebraska’s 21-17 loss to Northern Illinois last weekend turned out to be the final straw for the administration at the University of Nebraska. The firing of athletic director Shawn Eichorst is a simple statement that “enough is enough” and that things need to change.  My reaction?

Here, Here!

Firing Eichorst doesn’t do much of anything for 2017. It’s not going to suddenly inspire Mike Cavanaugh to be able to teach his offensive linemen to be able to block.  It’s not going to help Tanner Lee to throw the ball towards people wearing the same colored jersey he’s wearing this weekend.

It might help those players have coaches who can make them successful in 2018.

A lot of flimsy excuses have been offered for Mike Riley ever since he took over in Lincoln, some of which simply don’t compute.  Purdue, Illinois, Iowa and now Northern Illinois don’t have better talent than Nebraska.  Nebraska’s losses in those games were the result of being outplayed and outcoached.  Period.  Mike Riley got a mulligan for 2015.

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