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Counterfeit Bills In Lincoln Prompting Police to Warn Residents to Be Cautious

Another case of a counterfeit bill is prompting Lincoln Police to warn residents to be on the look such fakes. Police say a Lincoln man reported he made a purchase at Casey’s General Store on the 1400 block of S 17th Street  Wednesday and received a $10 bill in change. When he tried to use the bill at another store, the store flagged it as fake. Casey’s management is reviewing video surveillance.

Officer Angela Sands says although total counterfeit cases are lower than this time last year, police have seen an increase in lower value counterfeits. Officer Sands says lower value fakes are less likely to be scrutinized by stores, and printing technology is making spotting fakes even harder. With the holidays shopping season practically here, The Lincoln Police Department says everyone needs to take extra caution whenever they’re dealing with bills and should personally make sure they’re not being handed fakes. Because a counterfeit may change hands multiple times, finding the source is extremely difficult and if you get one and , you may be out the money.

Officer Sands says there are many ways to tell a counterfeit bill from a real one. If you suspect you’ve been handed a counter fit, find out what to do here:


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