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Confronting our Demons: A Corn Nation Roundtable on whether 2007 or 2017 was Worse

We wade into the cesspool of the two worst seasons of Nebraska football in modern times. Which was worse?

We can’t fully move past the horror that is Nebraska Football since 2001 without confronting our demons. To do that, the Corn Nation staff debates which Nebraska football team was worse: 2007 or 2017?

Nate M: My answer is more personal than stats, analytics or records but 2007 was by far worse for me than 2017. I vividly remember the Oklahoma State game in 2007 as I sat in the stands. It was the beginning of the second half and my section was less than half full. I literally felt like my world was crashing around me. Nebraska fans don’t leave. That isn’t who we are. But the quality of “football” was obvious to every single person with a brain.

A few of my friends were at a bar so I thought I might as well go and hang out with them. I walked through the entrance and looked up at the T.V. Oklahoma State scored again. I turned and walked back to my car and went home.

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