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Both Parties Sense Opportunity In Nebraska 2018 Midterms

As  political parties spar over what the results of last weeks elections mean nationally, locally battle-ground issues are being set for next years midterms. GOP of Nebraska Executive Director Kenny Zoeller warns celebrating Democrats that all politics are local, and the GOP has a better beat on what Nebraskans want. He says Nebraskans think taxes (property taxes in particular) remains the biggest issue in the state. Zoeller says GOP strategy for 2018  will center around lowering taxes and government de-regulation.

Meanwhile, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb says she sees Democratic momentum growing in Nebraska. She says the number one issue Nebraskans are talking about is healthcare and medicaid expansion. Kleeb says it’s “insane” Governor Pete Ricketts won’t except the federal funding and is leaving millions on the table that could go toward helping Medicaid. She says her party will also focus on empowering public education and combating climate change.

After Election Day one thing is clear, whatever the issue both parties sense opportunity going into the 2018 midterms.

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