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Big Red Cobcast: You Just Don’t Know

There are times in life when you just know things. You know it in your bones. You can feel it. You can’t quantify it, but it’s there. The intuition just seeps out of your pores.

There are also times in life when you don’t know squat. Sometimes you know that you’re clueless, but just as many times, you don’t have a damn inkling. Sometimes that last one feels like the first very first thing, the one about knowing stuff. It can be really confusing, but it’s important to know the difference.

Why? Because you can become a bitter, pain-in-the-ass fan who’s more concerned with being right than seeing the success of your own team. You might think, “Hey, this coaching hire sucked. I should complain loudly on social media for everyone to see, perhaps submarining a coach’s chances to gain real momentum with recruits, donors and former players. That’ll show that smug redheaded athletic director and the coach who had the misfortune of being hired by him. Sure, we might suck for the next three years, but at least I’ll be right.” But is it really worth it?

You might get where I’m going with this. And you might also think, “Good God, this Pat guy is a worthless pile of trash and I’d love to shove my genitals in his face because my annoying bickering isn’t the reason Mike Riley will probably finish 4-8 this season.” And you might be right. But you’re still a self-congratulatory dick.

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